About ADHD Artists 

Creativity and ADHD go hand in hand. That's a given. Yet, ADHD women artists continue to face significant barriers in the arts. 

This is why we have begun with a Zine: Magical Women, and we want to work towards art gatherings to share our art practice, offer ADHD creative insight and critical feedback and create together. 

We aim to create a community/platform of ADHD women artists to promote visibility of these excluded women in society. 

Employment Statistics

Only 15%of ASD/ADHD ever achieve full time employment and are 9x more likely to die by suicide than the general population with twice as many ADHD/ASD women more than ADHD/ASD men. 

ADHD women may also include comorbidity of ASD. Many of us are also survivors of violence due to neurodivergent traits making us more vulnerable, impulsive, risk takers and always striving for moral and social justice. 

We are activists in our communities. and even during burnout or shutdown we are continuously making art. 

Our mission is 

  • To break the stigma and discrimination around ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions and traits. 
  • To change the narrative around ADHD traits as being bad or rude character traits 
  • To examine these traits instead because when ADHD women are invested in and nurtured and are given space to develop, only incredibly creative and exciting ideas can happen.  
  • To promote access for the unflinchingly feminine voice so that ADHD artists can thrive in the arts. 

Art Words and Gatherings 

With funding, we will be able to host art gatherings where women ADHD Artists come together to listen to a Speaker (also an ADHD woman) speak about or share their art practice in however they would like or feels most accessible for them. 

Through live art, sculpture and collecting and combining objects, we aim to make moments visually and physically for audiences and customers to take home. 

Through mind-wandering, we aim to explore where our minds journey when distracted, in sensory overload, during burnout or fatigue and hyperactivity.

Elinor Rowlands of Magical Women, ADHD Artists, paints conversations to show neurodivergent ways of being, speaking and communicating through the arts. 

Magical Women and ADHD Artists greeting cards, prints and artwork will be for sale in a collective online shop coming soon.  

ADHD Art deepens relationships, it is transcendent and transformational. 


We will be selling our art, live art, greeting cards, prints and magical affirmations and greeting cards are also available for sale along with ADHD artists Magical women zine promoting neurodivergent vocabulary/disability narrative.


Proceeds will go towards funding our work and peer mentoring especially because funding applications are our barriers. We aim to reduce barriers, make space for ADHD/neurodivergent women artists to promote their leadership skills by offering them opportunities to talk about their art practice, exchange ideas and offer peer mentorship so that we can continue on with our practice with support and encouragement. 

Proceeds will also go towards artists and cover room and equipment costs to fund our art gatherings. 

Useful Information for ADHDers 

  • Access to Work pays for access support and adjustments in the workplace. 
  • Indemnity Insurance is needed for Markets - join A-N. 
  • Many disability arts organisations and mainstream arts organisations are only available to 18-30 year olds. We want to assure all ADHD women that this is not the case here - many of us were diagnosed with ADHD/ASD late (in our thirties) after being excluded and rejected throughout our teens and twenties. 
  • Most ADHD/ASD women are diagnosed late because they are so excellent at masking. This is why we also experience significant burn out. 
  • Our mission is for ADHD Women artists to thrive. We want you to thrive in leadership positions and any other roles in the arts. 
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