Artist Statement 

Elinor paints from her interior world and landscape - internal rich territories that she can traverse and use as an endless resource. Dreamlike and meditative layered spaces created in fast paced action and gesture- using mainly her hands, mapping and feeling her way across the surface to connect to it directly. Materials include acrylic, various texture glosses and gels, watercolour and inks. She can be commissioned to paint in oil but chooses to paint with more fluid materials whilst living in London because storage is more limited. 

Vivacious jewel like colours, drawn from nature  and the landscape, taken from gardens and parks in her locality. In "Internal / External Landscapes", Elinor painted all of these in bed, to share the incredible colours, expressive expansive ways in which the human spirit can pour out even during times of total ill health, reduced to being bed-bound, in severe pain and within the need to paint; this prolific painting reduces our barriers to achieve hope in the face of exclusion and isolation during ill health. Elinor then brought them to the EU Communities in Luxembourg.

Portraits are created when Elinor experiences significant communication barriers and is rendered mute or in burnout/overwhelm. Portraits are painted in response to periods when she has little communication, in exchange for a conversation of sorts with her immediate contacts. Their eyes gaze at us, expressive and kind. 


I create empowering and accessible spaces for neurodivergent artists, mainly female, to remove risk found in neurotypical situations. I enjoy to collaborate with other artists to develop new ways of working, experimenting with sound, video to ask questions where multi media/technology & live performance meet. I am a prolific painter and most of what you see has been painted in bed. I am an Artist in Residence at Drake Music who champion disabled musicians; to devise work with their team and support their portfolio of artists. 

My work has been supported and presented by organisations including Arts Council England, Live Art Development Agency, Shape Arts, Unlimited, Tate Modern, SXRXVE NYC, Disability Arts Online, The Minories Gallery Colchester, Modern Panic (James Elphick), Camden People's Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Unfamiliars (Gemma Abbott), Scratch hub @ BAC, Hammersmith Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith & Fulham Arts Festival, SweetVenues @ Brighton Fringe Festival, and European Investment Bank, Luxembourg. 

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