Welcome to my Colourist page 

What is a Colourist? 

A colourist is someone who is affected by colour and uses its transformational properties to make brilliant, bold pieces of art through different texture, media and crafts. 

Why buy from a Colourist? 

Colourists are not afraid of colour. They can often see the potential in textures, patterns and shapes that would not normally belong together. I help friends with creating floral bouquets, decorating their home interiors or suggesting new make up or style because most of the time, many people are afraid to use colour in their homes. 

Why buy from a neurodivergent colourist? 

Due to my sensory overload and neurodivergent traits, I soak up billions more information than the average person so I make art consistently and constantly as a means to exist in the world. 

Through creating, this softens the experience of Sensory Overload for me and I am forever exploring with different textures and all of my senses. I create healing, colourful and vibrant creations for you through beautiful intrinsically detailed jewellery designs, paintings, greeting cards, prints and healing colourful and vibrant floral teas. 


All earring hooks are silver 925 with a mixture of freshwater pearls, costume pearls, Swarovski and Austrian crystals and Czech glass.

Necklaces are Czech glass, costume glass, Swarovski and Austrian crystals and nickel free chains. 


Hoop earrings come in a beautiful velvet bag to keep them safe and protected from the elements. 

Dangle earrings and necklaces lie on a velvet sponge in recycled Kraft boxes. 

Greeting Cards and Postcards

  • Are all unique
  • Are a mixture of my art prints and art photography taken from my art films
  • Greeting Cards 2 for £5
  • Postcards 3 for £5

My art films been exhibited at Art Pavillion, Whitechapel gallery; Kingsgate gallery; Highgate House; and my paintings have been exhibited in Fulham Library and other galleries around London, China and Luxembourg.

Giclee Prints

Giclee prints are available of all my canvas art, paintings and art photography.

Giclee printing is one of the best print reproduction methods available. It is a process that uses a 12 colour ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks.

Giclee Prints range from £25 - £100.

Flowers and Nature - The Healing Power of Colour 

Being a Colourist, I am inspired by our beautiful natural world. 

The way I experience colour, pattern, combination and palettes can be quite bright, technicolour and I am not afraid of bold beautiful and affecting colour because it lifts our spirits! 

Healing Floral Colour Therapy for Health, Feelings and Nurture 

I have sensory overload which means my sense of smell, taste and touch is much stronger than the experiences of people without sensory overload. Whilst it can be distressing, it can also provide me with the skills to create beautiful Healing Floral Bath Teas, Floral Bath Salts and I use Colour Therapy for tea, aromatherapy bath and massage oils from organic, fresh and stunningly energetic flowers. 

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