Commission Documents

  • Commissioning Traits: Category, Mediums, Costs and Time
  • Artist Agreement


Stylised Portraits, Nudes, Abstract, Mixed Media commission


Oil, Acrylic, Acrylic Gloss/Other Mediums, Watercolour, Inks, Mixed media,  

Canvas or linen on stretcher


Cost & Delivery of Canvas + Decided Costs depending on variables. 


Approx 2 -3 months after engagement. Shorter time frames can be agreed with advance notice.

Artist Commission Agreement 

Think about what you'd like and write into the email subject line: 

 "Commission, YOUR NAME, DATE of Request

In the email, write a short request taking into account the Commissioning Traits. 

Then, send the email to Elinor Rowlands

  • A meeting will be set up in whichever format is most accessible for you. 
  • Then, a short report/agreement will be sent for you to sign. 
  • The process begins. 
  • The easiest way for distance commissioning is for the client/customer to buy the canvas and have it shipped to the Artist's address.
  • Rowlands shall work from the canvas of your choosing. 
  • Clients/Customers will be updated along the way with each layer(s) painted. 
  • Artist will then send it back to customer when painting is finished. 
Using Format