Commissioned work is like discovering a new part of the beach, a secret part of landscape - it is mine for a moment, and then, it's completely yours. 

Dear Customer/Client, 

Why buy from an artist with Synesthesia and Neurodiversity?  

I work prolifically and I work with all my senses including energetic frequencies that I pick up vibrationally. This is part of my Neurodiversity and I paint like how a Shaman might take you on a journey. I pick up energies from all my senses and use them on a heightened frequency which is thus contained and embodied into your painting. 

You'll notice your painting is not "still" - the colours I produce will always be "moving towards". I use light in such a way that the colours vibrate intensely even when deep, moody or dark. My paintings invite you to look beyond what is or could be, and instead, my paintings might elicit in the viewer (you) an emotional feeling and response, because it does something for your soul. 

Each time you look into your painting you'll notice more depth and more light - this is because it is made to describe the invisible world and go beyond the physical realm. It becomes a symbol for your unconsciousness and it supersedes the moment. 

My art is transcendent. It points to worlds beyond what you can see. Feelings might come from basic emotions, and ones you might not have felt for a while, or you might have shut out.  

As a neurodiverse artist, I feel very strong emotions constantly and consistently - all the time -and these emotions are heightened when I respond to art, make films, write poetry or when I meet barriers. When I meet barriers - the feelings can be so incredibly overwhelming that I must make art. I have barriers to making art as well and this is why, while prolific, I might not be able to manage as many administrative tasks expected of me, and why I might rely on a carer or support worker to manage these tasks for me. 

Because I have easy access to deeply felt emotions due to my hyper-sensitivity and neurodiversity, I use the arts as tools and so your own emotions can be felt safely when experiencing my art. 

Commissioning a piece of work is trusting someone with basic emotions and that can be hard to do, harder still with a woman artist, and a disabled one at that. 

You are welcome to commission anything you'd like - some people have an idea of what they want and others let me go with the artist's flow. Whatever you choose, I will update you along the way with each layer painted, so you can see the progression and the transformative effects that go with it. 

Once you have your painting, it can become a companion that embodies those basic emotions for you: It'll contain what you want to experience but you won't be forced to feel them. You will only enjoy or experience them in how little or as profoundly you wish to, because the painting's energetic vibrance will expand and quicken sensitivity so that you may bring meaning to this painting too. 

For you, client and customer, are an important element to the relationship - to receive truth is as important as it is to paint it. 

In solidarity, 

Elinor Rowlands, 2019 

Commissioning Form 

Commissioning an artist to create a work is one of the earliest forms of art activity and one of the most obvious legal relationships an artist enters into: a commission agreement is a contract by which the commissioner agrees to pay the artist for his skill and labour (and not for the sale of the artwork, which is why it is not a contract for sale).

Go to the Artist Commission Agreement for an example of the contract and process. This protects both artist and commissioner. 

Then email Elinor Rowlands with your requests and she will reply back to you to arrange either a video/audio or face to face/email meeting dependent on your preferences or access needs. 

Elements of my paintings


I use Golden Mediums. Artists come into contact with so many different chemicals going after the most incredible and startling textures on canvas, metal and wood. Because artists are natural risk takers, it's essential we stay in check of our health by using the highest ingredients and keep ourselves safe. This is why I use Golden products, not least because their colours vibrate at high frequencies too. 


I take photographs aplenty. At least 50 a day. When you commission me, I will take notice of elements that tie your needs to your art piece. I might add layers to a photograph until I get enough energy from it that I can use to incorporate into my painting. You can also commission photography however I'm an artistic photographer so will more often than not incorporate ink and light in physical forms. 


When you commission me to make something, I might play and experiment on other materials and with other materials to try and find the atmosphere you want. This is because I like to use my hands, and I want to delve into your painting heart first. 

Unless otherwise instructed I'll always try to create images or paintings with a mixture of materials as I attempt to succeed your piece. I see commissions as adventures and journeys and truly enjoy where it takes me. 

Effects and Colour

Texture, photography, being experimental and exploring light is essential to how I work with effects and colour. 

I will also give a painting a rest for a few days - sometimes up to a week - so that I can return to it under a new light/energetic scope and bring to the painting a fresher perspective. 

In the past, I've had clients buying the photographs of the layers to their paintings as giclee prints because of the transformative nature to the progression of the final piece, they feel the journey of the painting has mirrored their own. 

Using Format