Elinor Rowlands

Kate Jezkova 

We won't be silenced anymore. 

ADHD Artists, Magical Women is run by disabled artist and writer, Elinor Rowlands and business creative Kate Jezkova. We run as a collective of ADHD/ASD women artists for peer mentoring, professional mentoring, platforms for ASD/ADHD art gatherings, talks and hopefully towards exhibitions and room to stretch, interrupt, blurt out, fidget and be without fear of punishment, rejection, shut down or put down. 

We are women who know struggle and we wish to create space where ASD/ADHD women creatives are finally allowed to exist as we truly are; free to find magic in a sanctuary via safety and support to develop leadership skills and sustain a continuing art practice. 

Ending discrimination and silencing of ASD/ADHD women creatives begins by listening to them, believing them, making space for them, and accepting them.

Monthly art-making workshops and art-talking events,  regular publications of our art zine, educational/consultancy services, as well as festival appearances, podcasts, videos, and any form of expression we can think of!

Art Gatherings: Art Making workshops

We will be running Art Gatherings at Battersea Arts Centre soon so each ASD/ADHD woman can bring in crafts and make our own art individually but sharing a space for company. ADHD women from all walks of life will come together and share a space and make art together, those who seek autonomy, independence in solidarity are very welcome and are encouraged. 

Art Gatherings: Art Talking workshops

We will be running Art Gatherings where we come together, with drink in hand and enjoy the words of other Magical women artists as they share their art or art practice with us and talk about it, followed by a Q&A hosted by another Magical Woman, with audience invited to comment or ask questions at the end. 


Workshops through performance and poetry will give space to the ADHD body and brain, the ASD body and brain and the combined ADHD/ASD body and brain. Fully accessible, to be who you are as you are for women with no filters, who need to use hand gestures, who need to stim, blurt out, interrupt, who may not be able to stop talking, who has been called a Freak, who has been called Autistic as a "nasty" word, who has been bullied by people who claim social justice, who claim diversity and equality. Together, we hope to nurture, care, offer peer arts mentoring to ADHD/ASD women artists in the local community in London, and sooner than later, across the world. 

A Place to FEEL 

One of the biggest barriers ADHD/ASD Artists, Magical Women experience is the attitudes of others based on their ability to FEEL SO MUCH. We want to create a platform of women to develop their leadership skills through the power of feeling emotion on every imaginable scale. 

During workshops facilitated by singing coach Barbara Pursey - who wrote her Masters dissertation on the Importance of emotions when connecting with audiences as well as using art therapeutic skills and transformation skills from other Magical Women Artists, we aim to make a safe places where Magical Women (many of whom are Survivors) have a safe place to talk from the heart without fear of being put down or shut down. 

Because if a Magical Woman is not feeling and not allowed to express her feelings then this has disastrous consequences on her art practice, wellbeing and mental health. 

Magical Women are welcome to cry, blurt out, interrupt, hand gesture, roam, stim, tic without being told off or asked if they're okay. 

Wellbeing and Healing

All ADHD Artists are ancient, wild, magical women, some of us read cards, see auras and all of us heal. We invite you to workshops for healing and to embrace the richness of earth beneath our feet, warmth of fire in our hearts, water from our eyes and air from the doors of our mouths. We invite you to celebrate full moons, sunsets, hold trees and respect our environment, community and embrace womanhood. 

Sustaining our art practice:

Art Cards and Greeting Cards

Birthday, Thinking of you, Bereavement, love and loss, remembering those close to us, needing kindness before or after an exam or important event, or simply in awe of being alive and all the wonderful experiences, for love, for joy, for poetry and artistry.

"I create these cards with hope, with awe of the beauty of our natural world, and in celebration of my gifts of the senses, because to feel so much, is also to be in awe of the beauty that surrounds us, and fills us, and reminds us - that life is worthy of our breath, and we are worthy to live it.

I create art and these cards because I need solidarity and beauty in my life, like these cards, that are reminders of love, of joy, of hope and of so much more beyond the naked eye, to challenge the attitudes, assumptions and unconscious bias that seek out to exclude and reject us. We are ADHD/ASD women artists, we are strong, we are together, and we are magical women.”

In solidarity,

Elinor x

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