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Magical Women Zine 2 - Hardcopy

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Told from a feminine gaze, championing the art and words of ASD/ADHD women creatives.

Our Zine celebrates Neurodivergent women creatives and we aim to publish the words of neurodivergent women to educate, embrace and publish neurodivergent language and expression - through the arts. 

If you could consider supporting us by encouraging friends, family, colleagues and allies to purchase the Digital or hardcopy versions then  we can continue to champion the art and words of ADHD/ASD and neurodivergent women creatives. 

Our aim is to set up a platform for events, peer mentoring, art talks and space for ASD/ADHD women creatives to be heard, seen, trusted, valued, validated and to develop their leadership skills and art practice. 

Thank you for your support, 

In Solidarity, 

The Magical Women Zine team: 

Elinor, Shauna and Gem x

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