About Magical Women

My project Magical Women was selected by Scratch Hub Battersea Arts Centre, Oct 2019 to develop it with their team. MW offers neurodivergent women creatives space to take risks, experiment & share with new audiences via workshops, events, poetry open mics & through print in a zine. 

Magical Women's mission is to bring professional women creatives from all walks of life together to create a safe space where they can share their identity through creating their own art during Magical Women workshops and speaking about their art to audiences during Artist Talks events.

We aim to change the way leadership is experienced by speaking with our psyche so that transcendent and powerful transformations can occur.


*Please note: whilst we are all neurodivergent, we are not a "support" group in the general sense - our goal is to provide space, solidarity, acceptance and sanctuary from which to grow to develop and further our art practice.

Art is our language. We are not understood without it.

Audience members are invited to describe how our first event on 17th December, 2019, made them feel.

This is an important ritual that Magical Women introduces to audience members so they can reclaim their space and acknowledge why powerful conversations around the themes of the artist talk are essential for their own practice. Rituals differ to routines because they have a personal choice into how they might practice it and apply it to their professional creative practice. Our events are open to all - with the acknowledgement that Magical Women is run by neurodivergent, autistic and ADHD women creative artists.

Michelle, Audience Member

Magical Women's audience member to our first event describes to us how she feels after the event and talk. She also tells us the 4 words she has chosen that describe how the event made her feel.

Amy, Audience member

Magical Women's audience member Amy describes to us how she feels after the event. She also tells us the 4 words she has chosen that describe how the event has made her feel.

Featured artist: Maddie Millett

Maddie Millett speaks with us about how she feels after her Artist Talk and what 4 words she feels describes her feelings about the event.

A token for your way;

for hope;

for solidarity;

for unity with a purpose - one that is completely yours.

Magical Women uses many rituals for empowerment and autonomy. Rituals are extremely important for neurodivergent artists to thrive as creative professionals and they are also important for our welfare, our wellbeing and our focus to keep making more art so we can continue to thrive. We shared simple rituals throughout the evening with audience members so they can participate autonomously and contribute to the evening in ways of their choosing.

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