Journeying: Magical Realism

As you draw nearer internally into the body, you are invited to experience the 5 senses, within the space of the eardrum, the mouth and throat to the gut, where fight or flight is most heightened.

When my senses are most heightened I hear music in everything.

This music I must paint. Everything painted is songs.

When I am in Overwhelm, I paint – what is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is Sensory Overload, Tantrum, Meltdown, Neurodivergent Collapse – I collaborated with some Neurodivergent autistic women artists who recorded themselves during Overwhelm. The paintings below are what I paint in Overwhelm when I hear music.

This is not a Lullaby (track).

Journeying: Exploring textures

Table by Elinor Rowlands for creating a Chamber Orchestra of Trees

Vivacious jewel like colours, drawn from natureĀ  and the landscape, taken from gardens and parks in her locality. The art on this page was painted in Magical Journeys workshops I facilitate with other Neurodivergent women artists.

This song (above) I created live – my journeying is all Live Art.

I paint songs, I hear spaces and environment in sounds.

In “Internal / External Landscapes” exhibition, Elinor painted all of these in bed, to share the incredible colours, expressive expansive ways in which the human spirit can pour out even during times of total ill health, reduced to being bed-bound, in severe pain and within the need to paint; this prolific painting reduces our barriers to achieve hope in the face of exclusion and isolation during ill health. Elinor then brought them to the EU Communities in Luxembourg.

The result of Into the Eardrum / To the Ear Canal project resulted in this Live Stream of Consciousness Song, I responded to some live guitar then created my first composition using software.

Black Lives Matter – Mother Earth is Listening by Elinor Rowlands