Colour is the master stroke and can be vibrant and bold,

while the subtle blues and greens of the sea and sky recur in many of Elinor’s paintings. 

She uses a variety of media, experimenting with acrylics, inks, oils, watercolours, oil pastels, bio-glitter and often combines these materials with cloth, lace or natural finds.


Her pieces of art are inspired by her Neurodiversity and experiences of Synaesthesia and heightened Sensory Processing delay which is encompassed in the way she sees and experiences people and places in different colours and sounds. 

She builds up her paintings in layers but at the same time allows herself the freedom to transform and remains contemplative about her work long after it is complete. Her expression is on the one hand full of life and enthusiasm but also thoughtful and powerful, evocative of the life-experience of a Neurodivergent and Disabled woman artist.  


Portraits and Journeying vast territories

From people in our lives to those we meet on the journey, here we traverse vast terrains and territories to create and excite and honour texture, gatherings, abstract dreams and horizons.