The mission of my poetic performance work is to create multilayered and immersive performance, live art durational pieces and theatre to facilitate dialogue on or about Neurodivergent women and their place within mainstream and disability culture and the arts. 

As a poet and storyteller, I aim to use the power of art, through storytelling and symbolism to share a neurodivergent's way of being, feeling and seeing by building alliances around matters of advocacy and connection to reach the diverse needs of marginalised and silenced voices in our community so that we may be heard and might even thrive.

Storytelling is at the heart of what makes us human and my work brings marginalised voices, silenced histories and often gagged themes or topics (often in relation to the neurodivergent’s identity - their behaviour, their ‘ways of being, seeing and speaking’, their voice, ideas and truth) - to the stage/space.

My work aims to create environments that tell people they matter and I do this by expanding my audiences’ experiences through the variety of stories that make up our ancient and contemporary society.

By using theatre to learn and listen across the gaps of difference and operating systems of the neurodivergent mind where my thinking/writing and speaking considerably impacts on my storytelling skills - I hope to warmly connect audiences to the universal experience of feeling emotions as neurodivergents do, within the shared experiences of storytelling. 

My choice to use multimedia such as moving imagery, soundscape, song, poetry and symbolic rituals to help me to hone my neurodivergent voice. It is my hope of bringing audiences together to listen to my stories, learn new ones, share them and pass them on.

Outside, My Hands are Clapping 

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Two Million More

What if a performance could be experienced on paper? 

More than a Zine, the dance is zapped through photography, through words. Created by Kathryn Stamp towards her PHD research, disabled dancers were directed to perform and their contributions were stored on the pages of paper. A scrapbook of movements, fragmented as the experiences of disabled dancers due to lack of access and if they can not participate as inspiration porn they are so often excluded.

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