Art, Cards and Gifts sold in: 

H&F Handmade, King's mall, King's Street, Hammersmith, London, UK

Upcoming Markets: 

Christmas Market Hammersmith 

Christmas Market Northend Road. 

Northend road Market, Fulham, London, UK, Sunday 22nd September. 

Zine is available to purchase on my website - but I don't like PayPal because of the money it takes away - so if you can do online banking or bank transfer, email me with your order (digital or hardcopy Zine, send me bank transfer or if you are outside the UK please transfer money using Transferwise - with Transferwise there is a very very low transfer rate. 

Email me here


Purchase my cards and art cards here

Ignore the poor quality of the website, the cards are good quality and you'll be supporting a group of volunteers who make sure artists receive 90% of the profits instead of the other way around which happens a lot for many artists selling on other printing/retail shops. 

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