Showered and Dressed (2017) 

It began with Showered and Dressed (2017)

Two disabled women survivors talk explicitly about their experience of judicial abuse 

then we tried to go for funding to make Survivor (below)

 (all women featured are disabled women survivors)

We applied to Unlimited, funding for disabled artists.... and we were shortlisted to top 10 

but it was not to be. 

So, we parted. 

Life continued. 

Surviving continued. 

Then, At the Window (2017) was made and 

Showered and Dressed (2017) got selected for Modern Panic VIII in London: 

Click on image or here to go to website. 

and then it got selected for SXRXVE in NYC and then it became DROWN where the imagery from Showered and Dressed got fused into some imagery from Like Breath not Breathing to mess around with my poetry soundscape 

which recently got selected for Contested Spaces 6 month exhibition in The Foundry A Place for Change (see below)

This brought me to begin to centre on where I go for shelter, where I make art during burnout, during sensory overload, during RSD for sanctuary and solidarity: 

My bed. 

But I am not deficient or dependent when in bed, sometimes rendered mute, instead, I am able to "act" here - politically - a voice that is loud in my head and is so often unsaid in day-to-day life due to unconscious bias and discrimination where I'm often excluded, rejected, shut down, silenced.

instead, you'll find, all these videos on my site, and many many paintings, were made when rendered in my bed. 

It is a place of refuge, solidarity, it provides me with access to protest the injustice of discrimination against the autistic voice, body, storyteller, being. 

My films/audio - my filmscapes and soundscapes take you out of the personal into the universal and back to nature. 

So, Survivor may have ended up in bed, but it became a calling for New Words: 

Say New Words (in development) 

because I am an artist who who creates empowered spaces for neurodivergent creatives that are relaxed & remove the risk present in neurotypical situations.

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