The Magician and building an Orchestra of Trees

Disabled and Neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist and VA artist, Elinor Rowlands uses her synaesthesia and autistic perception of sound to build an orchestra of trees and compose with the way wind hits different trees. She uses the ground to help her to hear different rhythms. (Work in progress).

Playing branches like a flute

Just finished a sound piece called the Magician, which I’m really excited about. I collated a collage representing different kind of trees and what their movements in the wind sounded-like to me through my synesthaesia. 

To do this I lay on the ground under every single tree to hear and feel the rhythm and sound.  I am working towards creating a representation of the orchestra of multiple trees in the wind. 

Having an access support to witness and document this has been really successful as the physical act of collecting sounds, using my body is really important to my practice.

I am also working on, with my access support documenting and extracting from my brain the ideas and processes behind the work created since March.

It is the start of a body of work I’m now focusing on musically, politically and artistically working in collaboration across unheard, excluded voices. 

Creating instruments from the trees.
What I heard.
Hearing the drum of the tree’s heartbeat.
What I heard

What I heard (visual soundscape)

What I heard.
Creating compositions out of rattles instead of hearing them as tools for rhythm. What if they become the harmony?