Elinor Rowlands FRSA
Art Portfolio


Magical Women Team 

Art Words - Elinor Rowlands 

Illustrations - Shauna Kappers 

Scrappy Comics - Lorna Cowley 

Editor - Elinor Rowlands 

Editor/Arrangement - Gemma Abbott 

Publisher - Gemma Abbott of The Unfamiliars Press 


Elinor Rowlands 

Ada Rosatelli 

Magical Women are a collective of ADHD women artists who publish a Zine to illuminate barriers faced by ADHD women artists and give space to their vocabulary which is so often shut down, silenced, corrected or told it is too triggering. 

"The arts will never be able to challenge power if they continue to exclude us." 

Freedom to explore, create and say exactly what's on their mind, to show the experience of a very fast mind, of an explosion of chaos, mess and creativity. 

Issue 1 "Being One" 


Luana Martignon

JMoon Fairy 

Sarah Mallinder 

Shauna Kappers 

Holly Vaux 

Elinor Rowlands

Lorna Cowley

Roseanna Chew

Jennifer Tuft

Tiina Kaila 

Kate Jezkova

Clarissa Wright

Zine coming out soon! 

  • You can purchase our zine in our online shop - new website coming soon! 
  • And at upcoming markets, in King's Cross and Fulham. 
  • And 2 art gallery shops, one in Colchester and the other in Hammersmith! 

If you're interested in contributing, and are a woman with ADHD or/and ADHD/ASD then rest assured we'll be making a call out coming soon in September! 

It is free to enter our call outs, funding for publishing and printing costs is made on our sales of the Zine. 

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