My Latest Work

I am a multidisciplinary artist informed by my Neurodivergence and Synaesthesia.

Combined Art Projects


Sound Art

Collect and Gather
Bothered and Bothering to persist
Paintings and Journeying



“Elinor is an honest and courageous person. I run past all my ideas with her because I know she will get it, in ways not many others do.”

Gemma Abbott

“Attending Magical Journeys has completed transformed the way I paint. I only used oil before, and now I use many materials. Elinor has given me the courage to diversify my practice.”

Anna Dyson

“Working with Elinor is the whole 360 degree experience. I attend her Magical Journey workshops and she’s far more powerful a facilitator than she knows. Journeying with her has helped me to attend to art in different more curious ways, and I have begun to make art on my own terms.”

Emma Reavey